Example of Jobs completed:

  • CAT AD55 refurbishments

  • Fabrication of engine component stands

  • Critical repairs to Underground pumping rising main, Kalgoorlie Underground Mining 

  • Workshop mobile plant maintenance, repair & modifications, Perth Metro & Regional

  • Work on mobile plant machinery for Quarantine clearance, Fremantle Port

  • Shut Down labour hire projects - Edna May, Tropicana, KCGM, Cosmic Boy Western Areas, Nifty Copper Mine, Fortnum Gold Mine, Boddington 


Client Testimonial:

"Wayne and the team at Strikeforce are extremely prompt and professional. The quality workmanship I have experienced was impressive.

I called on Strikeforce to carry out some critical repairs to an underground pumping rising main at short notice (Christmas eve to be correct) and they carried out the work within the day. Including the visitor's induction he completed the repair within 5hrs and the site was 58km East of Kalgoorlie WA, this repair was originally to act as a fix over the Christmas period. This welding on the Galvanised rising main is still intact now, 12 months later. Fantastic!!! Such is the quality!!!

I would be happy to and have recommended Strikeforce to our clients and will be utilising the skills of Strikeforce Boilermakers with Westauz operations in future."

-Westauz Mining - Dave Murison, Manager/Director